Meet Totem.

Totem’s smart hub combines modern communications, advanced energy, and distributed intelligence into a single, powerful platform for modern campuses, retail centers, commercial facilities, cities and beyond.

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A Dynamic Smart Platform

Energy and communications need to undergo radical transformations to support the emerging needs of smart environments. Totem's smart hub offers critical, modern services in an integrated, visually-stunning product designed for the living spaces of properties.



Advanced Energy

Totem's base product deploys over 40 kWh of energy storage that serves as a grid asset and dynamic energy foundation that ensures energy quality and provides critical resilience in the event of broader grid issues. Integrated solar generation,  electric vehicle charging and LED lighting add further capability to each Totem and sophistication to each property's energy assets.

Through advanced software, Totem optimizes energy performance across onboard and external resources, acting as a dynamic energy router for associated facilities and for the Enernet more broadly.


Modern Communications

Mobile workers and consumers are ever more bandwidth hungry, and 5G presents a quantum leap in wireless connectivity on the horizon.  Totem provides a reliable hub for Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G cellular services to bring high-speed connectivity and newfound productivity to properties and communities.

Through its modern connectivity platform, Totem also presents a key communications gateway for IoT "Internet of Things" devices on and around properties.


Distributed Intelligence

Through onboard sensors and monitors, Totem's smart hub captures critical data for modern facilities and surrounding environments. Totem exposes local data storage and processing capabilities to provide insurance against data loss and present a smart, tiered compute architecture for data analysis and intelligence.



Emergency Resilience

Totem’s smart hub plays a pivotal role in emergency preparedness and resilience. With onboard generation and storage, Totem’s energy foundation is self-sustaining and capable of maintaining critical services. Most importantly, communications powered by Totem will continue to operate in the event of grid failure.